Engine Analyzer

No interpretation of bars required. Engine analysis performed automatically. Two Displays, 16 Channels (use up to 8 probes for each display). For a Single, use left display for EGT and right display for CHT. For a Twin, use left display for left engine and right display for right engine. Use only the channels you need and save on probe and cable costs. Can measure EGT's, CHT's, TIT, Oil Temp, OAT, Carb. Temp and Other. Manual and Automatic Diagnostics (Scan) Modes. Provides the most precise leaning information available in any analyzer.


Pilot Programmable from the front panel (an E.I. Exclusive Feature)
Sixteen Over-Temp Limits
Sixteen Under-Temp Limits
Two Differential Limits
Two Shock-Cooling Limits
Scan Rate
Number of Channels to be Scanned