TELEX HEADSET/Stratus 30XT, ANR 30 DB, Dual action adapter

Feature-packed, affordable ANR protection

The new Stratus 30XT power management system allows you to power the headset from the aircraft panel, standard alkaline batteries, or rechargeable batteries. The Stratus 30XT offers a built-in battery recharger that recharges when plugged into a wall socket, the aircraft’s panel power or even your car’s 12-volt power outlet. The Stratus 30XT automatically senses the type of battery you’ve inserted so you can’t make a mistake. Our exclusive microprocessor-control battery management system ensures more than 50 hours of battery life — one of the longest on the market.

Audio device management made simple

Also included is Telex’s innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter which allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time – no more switching cords! Plus you can mute both devices with the flick of a switch.

5-year warranty.
Deluxe carrying case included. Weight: 18.5 oz.