SAE 5-35 Altitude Encoder

The SAE 5-35 from SANDIA Aerospace has set a new standard in providing accurate altitude data. The SAE 5-35 combines the features of three systems into a single compact and reliable package. ALTITUDE ENCODING …The SAE5-35 performs the functions of an Altitude Encoder by providing Gillham Grey code to the aircraft’s mode C transponder. Innovative pressure circuitry virtually eliminates the warm up time. DIGITAL ALITUDE …The SAE 5-35 provides two RS232 altitude data outputs in 10 foot increments for use by GPS and Terrain Awareness Systems (TAWS). Each RS232 output is totally independent so that a load on one output will not affect the other. And because it provides altitude data from –1000 to 35,000 feet, it can be installed on piston, turbine or jet aircraft. ALTITUDE INFLIGHT MONITORING…(AIM) keeps a constant eye on your chosen altitude and lets you know whenever you deviate more than 100 feet. SANDIA Aerospace has given sight to the “blind” encoder.