RESQLINK + 406MHz GPS PLB (BUOYANT)/Includes velcro strap

One of the smallest 406 MHz personal rescue beacons on the market, ACR's ResQLink+ is the now-buoyant version of the original ResQLink. It weighs only 5.4 ounces and is as small as a cellphone. This tough, waterproof device broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that identifies the sender and where they are thanks to the integrated 66-channel GPS that fixes the sender's position to within 100 meters. Plus, it's equipped with a built-in strobe light that provides visibility during night rescues.
  • Emits a unique 406 MHz signal that allows the sender to be identified while also providing 121.5 MHz homing capability
  • Equipped with a 66-channel GPS that fixes the sender's location to within 100 meters
  • Designed for excursions on water, this device is buoyant for improved chances of retrieval from bodies of water
  • Easy to use and super light, this device weighs in at a mere 5.4 ounces and is only 4.5 inches tall
  • Comes with a super-bright LED strobe light for improved visibility during night rescues

☠ HAZMAT: This product requires additional shipping precautions. ☠