KFC 325 is a three-axis digital flight control system

The KFC 325 three-axis digital flight control system combines complete autopilot and flight director computation functions in a single computer.  Its digital flight computer and integrated architecture enable the KFC 325 to determine aircraft control requirements sooner and execute them with great smoothness and accuracy.  The digital solid state circuitry throughout the flight control system provides the pilot with maximum reliability while economizing the system weight and required installation space.
The KFC 325 is designed to optimize passenger and flight crew comfort, while still providing accurate control response in any flight situation.  Wherever possible, autopilot-induced aircraft motions border on the lower limits of human perceptibility, ensuring exceptionally smooth flight
Internal safety monitors keep constant track of the KFC 325’s status and provide signals for automatic shutdown of the autopilot or flight director in the event of a malfunctions.
The KFC 325 delivers all of the standard flight control/autopilot features including Altitude Hold, Heading Select, VOR/RNAV, Approach, Glideslope, Reverse Localizer, Control Wheel Steering Indicated Air-Speed Hold and Yaw Damp.