ICOM HANDHELD RADIO/Dual band D-Star. Analog handheld with GPS

The ID-51APLUS is a VHF/UHF digital, D-STAR-capable (digital voice + data/amateur radio digital format) handheld radio that can be paired with the (free) RS-MS1A Android™ application which allows the user to connect their Android™ device to the transceiver. With this app, users can see the location of repeater sites on a map application and send them to the ID-51A as well as send and receive pictures and text messages to and from their Android™ device (OPC-2350LU data cable is required to connect to an Android™ device).
  • DV Fast Data mode transfers data 3.5 times faster than conventional DV mode (with voice); pictures taken by an Android™ device can be transmitted in the DV Fast Data mode
  • DV and FM repeater search function searches nearby analog FM repeaters as well as DV repeater using its memory and integrated GPS
  • Dplus reflector link commands are added to the DR function to allow multiple repeater connection through the reflector
  • Additional new features include: GPS position data can be sent with serial data communication; enhanced D-PRS functions such as receive only Base/Object/Item/Weather formats, altitude data is added to the GPS memories; CI-V command can be sent through the Data connector; added CI-V commands such as GPS TX mode, DV data TX, and GPS ON/OFF settings; callsign, repeater list, and GPS memory can be imported and exported in CSV format
  • RS-MS1A application features:
    Send and receive pictures, send and receive text messaging, set transceiver's DR functions from the RS-MS1A or a map application, see the location of repeater sites or other D-PRS stations on a map application, view and export received history of the transceiver, view detailed data in the transceiver's Repeater list, import and export the repeater list and the callsign list from/to the transceiver
Standard features:
  • D-STAR DV mode (Digital voice+data) is the leading amateur radio digital format
  • Dualwatch function simultaneously monitors VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, and VHF/UHF bands
  • IPX7 waterproof protection allows the ID-51APLUS to be used in harsh outdoor environments, hiking, mountain biking, touring, and mountain sports
  • An independent AM/FM receiver allows users to listen to FM, AM, and VHF broadcasts while monitoring ham bands with the dualwatch function
  • MicroSD support (up to 32GB) can be used to store voice memory, DV auto reply message, TX voice message, QSO log, RX history log, and GPS log data; and used to update firmware and edit memories
  • Integrated GPS receiver displays current position and altitude, offers position reporting in DV mode, and logs the current position at regular intervals to the microSD card
  • TX voice memory (1 channel, 60 seconds)
  • SPEECH function announces the received call sign (DV Mode), frequency, and mode
  • QSO recorder function records incoming and outgoing calls, and records offline conversation
  • Large 128 x 104 dot-matrix display
  • CSV formatted communication log
  • 10-step battery voltage indicator
Supplied Accessories: battery pack (BP-271), antenna (FA-S270C), belt clip (MB-127), wall charger (BC-167A/SD), programming software (CS-51PLUS), hand strap.
☠ HAZMAT: This product requires additional shipping precautions. ☠