Genesys Aerosystems SYSTEM 50 Twin-Axis Autopilot (Socata - All Models)

The System Fifty is a two-axis autopilot which includes heading pre-select, turn command (which will give up to 90% standard rate turn), VOR / LOC tracking, back course tracking, a gain enhancement feature for tracking GPS Navigation analog left / right deviation signals, altitude hold, and pitch trim indicator lights.
To utilize GPS roll steering (GPSS) commands, an additional ST-901 GPSS converter may be required to feed the autopilot with compatible steering signals. The ST-901 GPSS converter is not required for GPSS when integrating to an Aspen EFD system or Garmin G500/600 EFIS.
A compatible DG or HSI is required for the heading pre-select function or when adding the optional ST-901 GPSS converter
Building block concept allows upgrading to a FiftyFiveX two-axis system.


- System 50 Computer Programmer
- Turn coordinator
- Roll Servo
- Pitch Servo
- Pressure Transducer
- Cable Assemblies
- Installation/Hardware kit
- STC Documentation package