Genesys Aerosystems SYSTEM 30 Two-axis Autopilot (Fairchild - All Models)

The System Thirty is a two-axis roll stabilization and altitude hold autopilot that requires zero additional panel space. The programmer, roll axis computer, pitch trim indicator and altitude hold lights, and roll axis servo amplifier are entirely contained within the turn coordinator case. The pitch computer is remote mounted. Standard functions include heading pre-select, turn command (which will give up to 90% standard rate turn), LO & HI track modes for LOC & NAV, a gain enhancement feature for tracking GPS navigation analog left / right deviation signals, and altitude hold.
To utilize GPS roll steering (GPSS) commands from a compatible GPS, an additional ST-901 GPSS converter may be required. The ST-901 GPSS converter is not required when integrating to an Aspen EFD system or Garmin G500/600 EFIS.
A compatible DG or HSI is required for the heading pre-select function or when adding the optional ST-901 GPSS converter
Building block concept allows upgrading to a full two-axis System FiftyFiveX autopilot

- Turn coordinator/Roll computer
- Pitch Computer
- Roll Servo
- Pitch Servo
- Pressure Transducer
- Cable Assemblies
- Installation/Hardware kit
- STC Documentation package