Complete Single Engine Fuel Flow Gauge w/GPS Interface

The Fuel Scan-450 fuel management system is the finest fuel monitoring instrument available for piston engines. TSO'd for accuracy the Fuel Scan-450 acts as your personal flight engineer: always there, working in the background, constantly monitoring you fuel consumption while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. The JPI Fuel Scan–450 features a dual display, always showing your fuel flow rates on the upper display and other measurements on the bottom. The scan rate to display these measurements can be adjusted at a user selectable rate. Every Fuel Scan–450 will interface with your panel mount or hand-held GPS. There are no extra options to purchase.
The Fuel Scan-450 relies on two very reliable fuel flow sensors. Each sensor is mounted in the fuel line prior to the fuel distributor or carburetor and measures the actual fuel flowing through the line. Inside the sensor is a turbine wheel that rotates at a rate proportional to the instantaneous amount of fuel passing through it. The rotating turbine interrupts a light beam and an optical sensor counts the pulses of the interrupted beam.
A microprocessor in the Fuel Scan?450 counts the pulses and converts the count to fuel flow. The Fuel Scan-450 will also track the total fuel used and the fuel remaining.