RANGR-TXL System - Transmitter only with WAAS/GPS

2020 starts today - The FreeFlight Systems RANGR 978 Transceiver Lite comes an all-inclusive package - a rule-compliant ADS-B Out solution for those operating at FL180 and below with the added benefit of ADS-B In weather and traffic data. It automatically synchronizes with legacy transponders without the need for additional pilot interaction.

The TXL is a low cost, lightweight, installed system for rule compliance - without sacrificing performance. All the necessary components for installation are included, no fine print.

FreeFlight Systems designs solutions that enable and support the global NextGen airspace transformation. Our ADS-B systems have accumulated thousands of hours of operation across a broad spectrum of aircraft platforms.

  • Size (includes Mounting Flanges): 1.7"H x 5.0"W x 5.8"D
  • Weight: Less than 1 pound
  • Input Voltage: 10–40 VDC
  • Input Current (Max): 0.2 A at 12 VDC