The FP-5 and FP-5L offer state of the art fuel management and safety features not found on other fuel flow instruments on the market. Managing fuel is a critical function in an aircraft--and the FP-5 and FP-5L do this better than any other gauge on the market.
The FP-5 and FP-5L have all the same features except the FP-5L can interface with King, Trimble, II Morrow, ARNAV or other similar Loran/GPS instruments. This allows the FP-5L to calculate and display Fuel to Destination and Fuel Reserve (fuel remaining after you reach your destination). Also, the FP-5L will warn you if there is not enough fuel on board to reach your destination.
Forgetting to check fuel level is not uncommon. If your fuel flow gauge or loran is only warning you after you have used all but the last few gallons of fuel, it’s not managing your fuel. With the FP-5's pilot programmable alerts and displayed functions, managing your fuel is much easier and something you will not forget.