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FlightDEK-D180 w/ Super-Bright Screen - System Bundle

The FlightDEK-D180 represents a new class of avionics that combines all EFIS and Engine Monitoring functions into a single, very powerful instrument. This affordable glass cockpit design integrates all the features and functionality of Dynon's EFIS-D100 and EMS-D120systems. The overall result is a hi-tech, glass-cockpit instrument that is the ultimate panel space saver. Other key benefits of this design are the weight savings, simplified installation and lower overall cost.

Seamless Integration: Pilots may elect to display both functions simultaneously in split-screen format or switch over to a full screen EFIS or EMS via simple hotkey commands. Six buttons arranged along the bottom of the screen provide the pilot-interface via a softkey driven menu system for easy access to in-flight functions and setting pilot preferences.

Any alarms occurring in the system are immediately presented as a bright red alarm bar across the bottom of the screen independent of the page currently displayed. The alarm bar is automatically accompanied by menu selections to silence or acknowledge the alarm(s).

High Resolution Display: The FlightDEK-D180 features a 7” diagonal, color LCD boasting the highest resolution in its class. The stunning display features large, easy to read text and graphics all in one convenient location. A powerful processor driving the display graphics ensures real time fluid motion at all times.

Engines & Probes
Dynon offers a variety of probes to accompany the FlightDEK-D180 instrument with very attractive package pricing. The probes offered by Dynon are optimized to support a variety of engines including Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, Jabiru, and ULPower. Probes may also be purchased individually to monitor other types not specifically packaged by Dynon.

Dynon offers a variety of engine probes. These can be purchased individually, but are usually bundled in complete engine packages. Engine probe packages include the wiring harnesses and all probes required. The purchase of an engine package saves approximately 10% over buying its contents separately.

At present, Dynon offers engine probe packages for the following engines:

  • EMSKIT-L4C, Lycoming/Continental, 4 Cylinder, Carbureted
  • EMSKIT-L4F, Lycoming/Continental, ULPower, 4 Cylinder, Fuel Injected
  • EMSKIT-L6C, Lycoming/Continental, 6 Cylinder, Carbureted
  • EMSKIT-L6F, Lycoming/Continental, 6 Cylinder, Fuel Injected
  • EMSKIT-RTX, Rotax 912, Carbureted
  • EMSKIT-RTXis, Rotax 912 iS, Fuel Injected
  • EMSKIT-J22, Jabiru 2200
  • EMSKIT-J33, Jabiru 3300

Individual sensors and harnesses are available for purchase to accomodate customers that do not have one of the above engines.