Fuel Level Instrument

The FL-2 is a fuel level instrument featuring dual 90 degree analog displays and a digital display. The two analog displays provide the primary indication of the fuel level for the left and right wing tanks and the digital display provides a method of monitoring the fuel levels in one or 1/2 gallon increments. The instrument may be calibrated to display in Gallons, British Gallons, Pounds or Liters. Instrument improvements allow for a new simple and quicker fuel calibration procedure. This calibration procedure removes any non-linearity in the tanks and sensors.
The FL-2RA was designed to be used on either a 12-volt or 24-volt system with resistive fuel level sensors. The fuel level sensor's resistance may increase or decrease as fuel is added to the tank and the maximum resistance must be between 90 and 270 ohms.
Programmable Fuel Slosh Stabilization
Warnings: 1/4 Tank Warning (Yellow LED) and 1/8 Tank Low Fuel Warning (Red LED)