Fuel Level Instrument

The FL-2 is a fuel level instrument featuring dual 90 degree analog displays and a digital display. The two analog displays provide the primary indication of the fuel level for the left and right wing tanks and the digital display provides a method of monitoring the fuel levels in one or 1/2 gallon increments. The instrument may be calibrated to display in Gallons, British Gallons, Pounds or Liters. Instrument improvements allow for a new simple and quicker fuel calibration procedure. This calibration procedure removes any non-linearity in the tanks and sensors.
The FL-2CA was designed to be used with E.I.'s 2' to 12' Capacitive Fuel Level Probes (P-300C). A P-300C/4 Module must be used for probes 2' to 4'
Programmable Fuel Slosh Stabilization
Warnings: 1/4 Tank Warning (Yellow LED) and 1/8 Tank Low Fuel Warning (Red LED).