Color Engine Monitor for Experimental Aircraft

All in One Engine Instrumentation that works. Start saving fuel today with JPI's exclusive Over lean (LOP) feature. All functions also show up in large digital display. Same as the EDM-830 plus now with Fuel Level and Fuel Pressure. User selectable landscape or portrait mode. For experimental aircraft only.


RPM Propeller
MAP Manifold Pressure
% HP Percent of Horse Power
EGT Exhaust Gas Temp.
CHT Cylinder Head Temp
O-T Oil Temperature
O-P Oil Pressure
OAT Outside Air Temp.
VDC Voltage
GPH Gallons per Hour REQ Required to destination
USD Fuel used
H:M Endurance
MPG Miles per Gal
CLD Shock Cooling on all cylinders
DIFF Gami spread
USB Memory stick Data Recording
EZTrends Graphing program