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D100 w/ Bright Screen STC Kit Electronic Flight Information System


Dynon Avionics is pleased to announce its new D100 series avionics, integrating their best selling EFIS and EMS electronics with larger 7" diagonal, sunlight readable, color LCD displays. This new line boasts a stunning 854 x 480 pixel display with more than 3 times the resolution of the competition. This class-leading display not only translates into reduced eyestrain, but enables the viewing of additional data in a split screen format without compromising the fidelity of the primary flight instruments. Most importantly, this larger displays come without the huge price increase that might be expected.

With sales exceeding 2000 of its popular EFIS-D10 series, Dynon announces the long awaited EFIS-D100 featuring a large 7" screen.

The EFIS-D100 includes the same 10 in 1 instrument capability that made the EFIS-D10 series the market leader. This includes attitude, altimeter, airspeed, VSI, gyro-stabilized magnetic compass, turn coordinator, turn rate, clock/timer, G-meter, and voltmeter. Additionally, EFIS-D100 customers will receive a remote compass module, a mounting tray and a USB-serial converter at no additional cost. Options available are the same as those used for the EFIS-D10A series which include Battery Backup, Angle of Attack Pitot, Wiring Harness, Encoder Converter and an OAT probe for density altitude and true airspeed.

Those already familiar with the EFIS-D10A will be pleased to find that the EFIS-D100 is operated identically and contains the same software features and intuitive menu controls. Included also are all the most recent EFIS features such as laptop-free magnetic calibration and airspeed bar setup capability.

The EFIS-D100 split screen capability partitions the display to simultaneously show the primary flight instruments along with additional information as interchangeable panels. Three types of split screen panels will allow pilots to view real-time Active Flight Data, user-generated Checklists or Aviation Data all while never leaving the primary EFIS instruments behind.

The Checklists and Aviation Data panels will be included in the initial release of the product and are entered via connection to an external PC or laptop. Pilots may define up to 5 checklists covering startup, take-off, emergency etc. Similarly, users may define up to 5 Aviation Data Panels, containing information such as aircraft speeds, ICAO alphabet, transponder codes, commonly used radio frequencies, flight plan report sequence or any other miscellaneous data pilots might find handy at their finger-tips.

The EFIS-D100 departs from the D10 series in that it uses an aluminum tray for mounting. This mounting system facilitates convenient frontal removal and retention like that used in radio installations.