S-TEC SYSTEM SIXTY-2 (Standard Kit)

The System Sixty-2 is a two-axis roll and pitch autopilot which includes heading mode, VOR/LOC/LOC back course intercept and tracking, glide slope capture and track, vertical speed command for climb and descent control, altitude hold mode, pitch trim indicator lights, and VOR/LOC/GS course deviation warning.
Options include ST-901 GPSS Converter, S-TEC Autotrim, ST-360 Altitude Selector / Alerter. Autotrim is not available on some aircraft models; check STC list for approvals.
The System Sixty-2 is also compatible with various heading systems, HSIs, and flight directors; contact Customer Support for compatibility information. The System Sixty-2 requires a compatible heading system, which is not included in the base price of the autopilot.

- System 60-2 Programmer
- Turn coordinator
- Roll Flight Guidance Computer
- Pitch Flight Guidance Computer
- Roll Servo
- Pitch Servo
- Pressure Transducer
- Cable Assemblies
- Installation/Hardware kit
- STC Documentation package

- Manual Electric Trim
- Autotrim available for selected models
- ST-360 altitude selector / alerter
- ST-901 GPSS Converter