The CGR-30C can replace up to 16 Primary Instruments, which means you can remove an ENTIRE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER with a single 3-1/8” instrument. This means Oil Temperature/Pressure, Fuel Pressure, even Fuel Level instruments can now be removed to give you the peace of mind that only comes from flying behind the world’s most technologically advanced engine and system monitoring equipment.
The CGR-30C provides you with several full-color strip gauges and/or arc gauges, which give pilots a quick reference view of critical parameters, along with digital readouts for the pinpoint accuracy you’ve come to expect from Electronics International products.
In addition to replacing your instrument cluster, the CGR will digitally store all of your checklists for easy retrieval during flight. Create your own checklists on your computer, and then upload them from a USB stick via the provided USB interface.
As with all of Electronics International’s glass paneled instruments, the CGR-30C has onboard data recording.


Pick Up To 8 Functions:
Fuel Flow1
RPM (Arc Gauge)
Manifold (Arc Gauge)
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
Hydraulic Pressure
Carb Temp or IAT

Pick Up To 8 Additional Functions:
HP (Requires RPM, Manifold and EGT)
Engine Time (Requires RPM)
Tach Time (Requires RPM)
Flight Timer (Requires RPM)
Local Time
Zulu Time