Appareo Stratus ESG Certified Transponder ADS-B Out

ADSB Transponder with WAAS Source

Stratus ESG was designed with non-glass panel aircraft in mind. Appareo's simplified solution includes a 1090 ES transponder and certified WAAS GPS in the same box. It’s truly an all-in-one box solution for 2020 compliance.

2020 Compliance In One Box

Stratus ESG is a TSO-certified transponder that provides 2020 compliance in one box.  It's a 1090MHz extended squitter (ES) transponder with built-in WAAS GPS. Designed to replace legacy transponders, Stratus ESG is a solid state transmitter that provides 250 watts nominal power output.  It’s modern keypad makes entering a squawk code easy.  The convenient VFR button minimizes pilot keystrokes.

Simple Installation

Stratus ESG is a form-factor replacement for existing transponders - such as BendixKing's popular KT 76A/C - so installation is more time-efficient compared to remote boxes that need to be integrated with your old transponder.  A TSO’d WAAS GPS antenna is included in the kit, and Stratus ESG can reuse an existing transponder antenna.  It also Accepts both serial and parallel (e.g. Gray Code) inputs, so you can reuse most altitude encoders.

Installation Considerations

  • Replace old transponder in panel
  • Reuse existing transponder antenna
  • Reuse existing altitude encoder
  • Install WAAS GPS antenna (included in kit)