Century Flight Systems NSD-1000 Slaved Electric Navigation Situation Display (HSI)

The Century NSD-360A combines a vertical compass card and an omni bearing course selector with course deviation for a map-like perspective. This greatly simplifies visualization of position and navigation track. Glideslope indication is presented to the left of the compass card. "Barber-striped" flags provide conspicuous warning indications for NAV, glideslope, and heading. Magnetic slaving is optional.

Century HSIs help pilots spend less time worrying about the complexities of navigating the aircraft and more time enjoying the freedom of flight. By seeing your position graphically, you receive accurate data at a glance, helping you to navigate confidently and easily in any condition.


  • Full-time 360-Degree Heading Presentation
  • Rectilinear Course Deviation Indicator
  • Full View Glideslope Indicator
  • Masking Glideslope Warning Flag
  • Built-in Slaving Indicator (slaved models only)
  • 45-Degree Tic Marks
  • Referencing Heading Bug
  • Failed Gyro Warning Flag
  • Free Gyro Mode
  • Gyro Caging Knob
  • Lost Power Warning Flag
  • Discrete NAV Warning Flag
  • RNAV and LORAN Compatible
  • Automatic Magnetic Gyro Slaving (slaved models only)
  • Autopilot Outputs for Heading and Course
  • Continuously Caged Heading and Course Selection Knobs
  • Reference Aircraft and Heading Lubber Line
  • Diffused Incandescent Perimeter Lighting
  • Course Arrow with Reciprocal Indicators
  • TSO's C5e, C6d, C9c, C52a

The unit features a built-in electric gyro as well as a self-contained slaving meter. Bootstrap output is an optional feature.