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Aspen Avionics EVOLUTION 2000 PACKAGE EFD1000 PRO PFD + EFD1000 MFD Install Only

The award-winning Evolution™ EFD1000 Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the EFD1000 Multi-function Flight Display (MFD) provide the safety and confidence of DuoSafe™ full PFD instrument redundancy. This EFD pair is an unbeatable duo that provides everything you need in an easy-to-use, full-featured glass cockpit for your GA aircraft — at an exceptionally affordable price. And these displays feature Aspen’s patented retrofit technology for substantially lower installation cost.

The EFD1000 Pro PFD provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, with a full-featured electronic HSI with moving map. The EFD1000 MFD adds photo-quality moving maps, terrain awareness, and (with optional or existing sensors) traffic displays, WX500 Stormscope display, and the full suite of XM WX® aviation weather products.

The EFD1000 MFD uses the exact same hardware, sensors, and software as the PFD, so this duo gives you two of everything, not just two displays: dual independent AHRS, Air Data Computers, compass systems, HSIs, and more. When you fly with glass, your instrument scan becomes more focused and efficient. Should your PFD fail without redundancy you have to quickly transition to scanning your mechanical backup instruments — and now they’re outside your comfortable six-pack location. With Aspen’s DuoSafe PFD redundancy you simply press the REV button on your MFD and your full PFD display is right back in your primary instrument scan. There’s less stress and potential confusion in a pressure situation. No other GA glass cockpit system can give you this level of redundancy and confidence at any price!

The highly flexible Evolution Flight Display System lets you install both EFDs at once, or one at a time as your needs and budget permit. All EFDs are fully upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities, new features, and even a second MFD to complete a three-display glass cockpit system.

Evolution — your glass panel your way.


  • DuoSafe™ PFD redundancy duplicates all sensors and systems
  • Advanced EFIS six-pack replacement
  • Photo-quality moving maps and crisp, clear text
  • Terrain, traffic, and weather
  • Install all at once or in stages
  • Works with your panel’s existing avionics — nearly every GPS or nav radio
  • Broadest autopilot/flight director support
  • Easiest installation
  • Lightest weight
  • Award-winning customer service
  • No-nonsense warranty
  • Best value