Where the wind comes sweeping down the planes... and more?

  1. It's Summer Time! And for some of you that means VACATION.
    Vacations can be fun and exciting. Weather you are looking forward to kicking your feet up at the beach or hitting the tee with your buddies.
    Here are some weather facts to think about when prepping for your next Fly-in vacation.

    FIVE Surprising things about bad weather and flying:
    1. Summer Storms vs. Winter Weather.
    The FAA says summer storms are worse than winter storms.

    2. Thunderstorms / Weather Flying delays.
    Sure, there are some thunderstorms in the wintertime, but they are far more frequent and more intense in the spring and summer. In fact, pilots are trained not to go anywhere near them, if they can help it. Veteran Alaskan Airlines Capt. Sean Cassidy says, Depending on the nature of the thunderstorm activity, you might fly as much as 20 miles or more around a thunderstorm. You never know how long a weather detour will take and it is best to not fly in stormy or bad weather.

    3 - 5 listed on Full Article Link below. 

    At Greenville Air, we care about your Flight Safety so we have done some Research to show you where the weather may become a little bumpy around the globe.

    From the Bahamas to the Keys...

    Read Full Article Here

    Always check the weather, your radar, and stick to your flight plan when flying anywhere.

    Another tool is https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane
    an aviation hurricane weather reporter.

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