Wax on Wax off

Everyone likes to feel at ease and have a little peace of mind.
With Greenville Air’s Wash and Wax service you can have that precious peace of mind by making sure that your aircraft is protected from the harmful elements.
We have a wash and wax service that does a great job!
We offer interior and exterior services.
Protect your aircraft from the harmful sun.
Purchase a sun guard to protect your air crafts interior.
And save your butt from getting burnt when you sit down!
You could purchase aircraft cleaning chemicals and materials yourself to clean your own aircraft but most pilots opt out of this due to extra cost of cleaning items they do not
normally use AND the Amount of Time it actually takes to clean even a small aircraft.
If your aircraft is outside it is recommend to wash your plane at least every two weeks.
Even if a clear water rinse.
Just think if it takes on average up to 8 hours to clean the outside of a commercial aircraft then a smaller personally sized aircraft can take any where from 3 to 5 hours depending on the extent of cleanliness and the size of aircraft.
We also offer IFR Flat Rates with and without ADS-B.
Annual and Pre-Inspection Flat rates.
Call Greenville Air today to schedule your next appointment

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