Increase the Value of your Aircraft

  • Increase Value with Paint:
    Just like when you plant a few flowers or bushes in front of your home to create curb appeal, same goes for painting your aircraft (for re-sale)
    The Cowl is usually the first to go / that needs painted, due to sun damage it can crack, peal and even raise the paint off of your aircraft. Not only is it wise to have your aircraft repainted for resale but to KEEP the value of your aircraft. If you let the paint go too long it can ruin the metal and eventually the airframe of your aircraft. (it is only a thin line of defense between natures forces and the metal of your frame.)
    Note: it is also wise to check for the under belly of the aircraft to see if any significant painting needs to be done.
  • Increase Value with New / Repaired Interior:
    We all know none of these planes are spring chickens. The majority that we see come into Greenville Air were built in the 1970’s and if they have not been taken care of you can tell! Most of our customers have a few interior repairs (and sometimes complete overhauls) on the interior. Very few have needed panel or ceiling work and most interior work is done on the re-upholstering of the seats. (When all is said and done they look like brand new!)
  • Increase Value by Replacing Broken Panel Pieces:
    It is definitely suggested if you are going to do a resell to make sure that there are no broken panel items, or other regularly touched items with in your aircraft. These can be common if the aircraft has not been properly protected from the sun. (Note: it is easy peezy to get and get in the habit of using a sun shield for your aircraft and you can save yourself from a lot of possible sun damage.)
Increase Value….
Synthetic Vision is always an exciter, but definitely not a necessity. If your buyer wants to increase or update the avionics, that is up to them. The Quality of the aircraft and frame is what a Pilot should always be looking for when purchasing a plane.
When selling an aircraft, the condition of the interior is a key factor.
One of the first questions brokers will ask a buyer is this – ‘Do you want to redo the cabin interior yourself, or do you want to buy something relatively new?’ Nine times out of ten, the buyer wants a new interior. They’re looking for a turn-key aircraft they can use right away.
And when it comes to decision time, if there are two similar aircraft, they’ll chose the one with the cabin interior that looks the best.
The buyers’ impression of the interior will color his or her opinion of factors that are not as visually obvious, like how well the aircraft was maintained.
Some specific elements of an aircraft interior that are of particular importance to a buyer are carpet, seats & upholstery, and WiFi and electronics.
    1. Aircraft Cabin Upgrade #1 - Carpet
    The carpet is usually the first thing that will need to be replaced in an aircraft. The spot that wears the most is the “turn spot,” where the person entering the airplane places their foot and then turns left to the cockpit or right to the cabin. An experienced flight crew will place a “throw carpet” in this location to stave off the earliest signs of wear.
    Creating Buyer Appeal.
        2. Aircraft Cabin Upgrade #2 - Cabin Seats & Upholstery
        The “Chairman’s Seat” or most used seat in the passenger cabin is the first to show wrinkles in the seat pan (affectionately known as “butt dimples.”)
        Don’t ever recover just one chair in the cabin. It will stick out like a sore thumb. If the Chairman’s Seat needs to be recovered, you should do all of the seats in that group, if not in the entire cabin.
        We also find that sometimes the panels need to be replaced.
            3. Aircraft Cabin Upgrade #3 - Wi-Fi and Electronics
            For North American buyers today, their gadgets and wi-fi. It wasn’t that long ago it was all about Satellite Phones! Emphasizing the importance of keeping the cabin in line with current passenger expectations. “Air-to-Ground (ATG) systems are fast enough to ensure usability, while Satellite systems continue to have latency issues and delays.”
            If a cabin refurbishment is underway for other reasons, it’s a good time to replace or update a Cabin Management System. Otherwise, a workaround is to provide an iPad or Tablet for most seats in the cabin.
              >> Other Items to Consider
              Headliners usually escape wear and tear, unless someone smokes on the aircraft, in which case replacement becomes necessary.
              Sidewalls may show wear and tear where passengers slide their shoes on the sidewalls. Or even cracked panel covers can be replaced.
              >> The Bottom Line
              Greenville Air agrees that cabin interiors can be an important upgrade (for the up keep or) to the resale value of an aircraft. Which Greenville Air is capable of helping our customers with that.. we much rather talk to about all the fun gadgets and upgrades (or even your ADS-B) but we do have a professional painter on board and an interior personal option for you. (set by appointment)
              >>About Greenville Air
              We also provide interior and exterior refurbishment, heavy maintenance, annuals, aircraft teardown services, and parts support. As an FAA 145 Certified Repair Station, Greenville Air, Inc. makes aircraft ownership more economical by providing all services in one location: our 96,000 square-foot facility at Greenville Downtown Airport in Greenville, SC .
              Greenville Air, Inc. specializes in aircraft repairs and avionic upgrades for single wing aircrafts.

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