Flight Ready for Spring AND 2020

Welcome to 2018. Happy New Year Everyone!
It’s that certain slow time of year in the avionics world, that makes you want to sit back and wonder...
But don’t find yourself sitting too long because before you know it,
it will be the end of February and time to Fly!
(At least here in  the Southern states)
Are you going to be ready?
Don’t get left behind.
Did you keep up with your aircraft maintenance over the winter?
(Making sure your aircraft was ready for the Winter.)
- no leaks or cracks for moisture to come in.
- Changed your engine oil to multi-grade or manufacture approved
winter grade oil.
- Followed your Manual to a T for Winterization of your Model
- Made sure pitot over-head covers are in working order.
- Confirmed Drain Holes are clear of dirt.
(That is what prevented water from freezing over this winter.)
- Also clean the airframe of any mud, slush, and dirt to prevent any build up.
- replaced oil with higher grade winter ready oil so engine is raring to go for the new flight season.
Aircrafts are working mechanics.  Bolts, Cables, Rudders all wear down and eventually break.
Just like with anything mechanical.
The gears of a clock need wound up.
Hopefully you are not missing out on the fun this spring after a long boring winter.
And don’t forget it’s a New Year!
New opportunities, new hopes, and ... well new deadlines.
Have you waited long enough for the FAA to “Change their mind about the ADS-B issue”
Yes, I believe you have and I believe they are Not going to “change their minds” ADS-B is mandated by the year 2020.
Guess what it is Now 2018.
Two years to purchase, register, and have your new ADS-B product installed!
Purchase: Not that difficult if you do a little research and we have a lovely easy to follow ‘Find Your ADS-B Match!’ chart to help you select a possible ADS-B product for your aircraft (located on our website)
Register: this may take a few tries as you need to fly in ADS-B registered airspace to be picked up by the ADS-B towers in your area.
(Near us in Greenville SC we have Atlanta GA and Columbia SC ADS-B Towers that are now active)
*Note the FAA is easy to reach by email and we have provided an ADS-B link at the bottom of our website for you to click straight on to register your ADS-B Product once installed.
We have you covered!
Feel free to contact us for an estimate.
Now Scheduling an appointment , That is a little tricky. You will see once you start to call around that Many FAA 145 stations are booked for months at a time.
AND then BOOM, you turn around and it’s 2019, then 2020... if you’re not paying attention it can sneak up on you fast!
No ADS-B equals no flying baby.
You call around but everyone is booked up for two / three months..
you try calling a few other places but they are charging way out of your price range! Whoops, let’s call Greenville Air and compare with some other local 145 shops.

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