COLD WEATHER SPECIAL (We will get your Aircraft WINTER READY for only $500!)

The Cold Weather is coming... is your aircraft Winter ready?
We can get your Aircraft ready for this Cold Season!
Which is fast approaching.
Winter Ready Package Includes:
- Put on storm windows
- make sure there are no cracks in the walls
- make sure all seals are covered
- Take a look at your Manual for Winterization for your Model of aircraft.
- Change engine oil to multi-grade or manufacture approve winter grade oil
- Renew Carbon Monoxide detector and have system checked for cracks
- Test Aircraft heaters
- Make sure pitot over-head covers are in working order.
- Confirm Drain Holes are clear of dirt. (This prevents water from freezing.)
- Also clean the airframe of any mud, slush, and dirt to prevent any build up.
- And More...
Only $500.00 assures peace of mind your aircraft will be ready for the cold winter months ahead. 
Call [864] 641-7776 today to schedule an appointment 

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